LPD Symposium: Guidelines 2.0 for public libraries and persons with print disabilities

International Symposium: (IFLA) Guidelines 2.0 for public libraries and persons with print disabilities, also for Rafiq, Issam, Nancy and Alice?

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February 28, 2018 - Muntpunt Brussels 


On February 28, Luisterpunt and IFLA LPD organise an international symposium on the necessity (or not) of guidelines for public library services to persons with print disabilities, focusing particularly on not so common target groups

Over the years, we have learned to know Maddy (78), who has a deteriorating eyesight, and Bart (42) who is blind. More and more, we are also aware of what 10-year-old Lucas with dyslexia wants and needs. What can we do, however, for Rafiq (30) and his son Issam (6), new in the country, or how can we help Nancy (60) who suffers from dementia, or Alice (16), who is deaf?

We have chosen to open other doors and to link – for us – new target groups to the usefulness (or not) of guidelines 2.0 for public libraries. Yes, for public libraries, because in unity, there is strength!

What can public libraries and adapted materials mean for Rafiq, Issam, Nancy and Alice? Come listen and discuss on February 28.


Below you find a concise overview of the programme. A more detailed overview of the programme is available as a Word file (113 kB) and a PDF file (288 kB)


09:00 - Registration and coffee at the Grand Café 
10:00 - Introduction 

-- Welcome by Geert Ruebens, director of Luisterpuntbibliotheek
-- Saskia Boets (Luisterpuntbibliotheek Flanders), Chairperson of the day, outlines a few reader profiles and draws attention to the necessity of guidelines 2.0.
10:20 - 16 year old Alice is deaf. 
-- Kristina Passad (Librarian and the Head of Unit for Acquisition - MTM, Sweden) gives a talk about sign language books in public libraries and gives examples from the Swedish practical experience.
-- Richard Orme (Chief Executive Officer Daisy Consortium, UK) presents a project on books in sign language, developed by the DAISY Consortium, UNICEF and WIPO.
11:05 - Nancy is 60 years old and suffers from dementia
-- Liesbeth Vercammen (Staff member Zorgbib, Flanders) introduces the Zorgbib collection of adapted materials for people with dementia.
11:40 - Rafiq (30) and his son Issam (6) are new in the country. 
-- Stijn Callewaert (Brussels Public Library Network) talks about giving newcomers a warm welcome in the library and about read-aloud projects in Brussels, such as 'Boekenbende aan huis': reading to children from families with a different home language.
12:15 - Lucas is 10 and has dyslexia, Maddy is 78 and has a deteriorating eyesight, Bart is 42 and blind.
-- Saskia Boets draws conclusions from the presentations and reflects on the necessity of specific guidelines for library services.
12:30: - Lunch


13:30 - Library services for persons with print disabilities: do we welcome Alice, Nancy, Rafiq and Issam, ... ?
-- A personal reflection by Richard Orme (Chief Executive Officer Daisy Consortium, UK)
14:00 - Accessibility Guidelines for Public Libraries in Finland 
-- Kirsi Ylänne (LPD Chair, Accesibility Specialist Celia Finland) discusses the guidelines for the accessibility of public libraries, developed in Finland, based on the 'design for all' idea. 
14:15  - The new European Accessibility Act 
-- Alejandro Moledo (New Technologies and Innovation officer of the European Disability Forum) talks about the European Accessibility Act and what this means for persons with print disabilities.
14:30 - The Marrakesh Treaty Guide for Public Libraries
-- Anthea Taylor (Manager Accessible Information Library Services, Vision Australia) gives a talk about The Marrakesh Treaty and the development of guidelines for libraries.
14:45 - News from LPD and closing word
-- Chair Kirsi Ylänne
15:00 - Closing session
-- Geert Ruebens, director of Luisterpuntbibliotheek, discusses the 10 year anniversary of Luisterpuntbibliotheek, The Flemish Library for Audio Books and Braille Books. 
15:15 - Reception


  • Wednesday 28 February 2018: 09:00 - 15:15
  • Muntpunt - Brussels (entrance: Muntpunt Grand Café, Leopoldstraat 2, 1000 Brussels)
  • Entrance: free
  • Registration required 
  • Language: English

Questions? Contact us: +32 2 423 04 13  - info@luisterpuntbibliotheek.be


Below you find the presentations of the speakers as pdf files.

1. Saskia Boets (Luisterpuntbibliotheek, Flanders) - Introduction pdf (1,11 MB)

2. Kristina Passad (MTM, Sweden) - MTM and sign language literature pdf (438 KB)

3. Richard Orme (Daisy Consortium, UK) - Textbooks for all: The promise of accessible digital books for learners with disabilities pdf (1,61 MB)

4. Liesbeth Vercammen (Zorgbib, Flanders) - A book and a visit - also for people with dementia pdf (2 MB)

5. Stijn Callewaert (Brussels Public Library Network) - Public libraries and newcomers pdf (1,89 MB)

6. Kirsi Ylänne (Celia, Finland) - Accessibility Guidelines for Public Libraries in Finland pdf (785 KB)

7. Alejandro Moledo (European Disability Forum) - European Accessibility Act pdf (331 KB)

8. Anthea Taylor (Vision Australia) - Getting started: Implementing the Marrakesh Treaty for persons with print disabilities: A practical guide for librarians pdf (487 KB)

9. Kirsi Ylänne (Celia, Finland & LPD Chair) - News from LPD pdf (445 KB)

10. Geert Ruebens (Luisterpuntbibliotheek, Flanders) - 2008 – 2018: 10 years Luisterpunt pdf (1,91 MB)