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Luisterpuntbibliotheek - Flemish Library for Audio Books and Braille Books

The Flemish Library for Audio Books and Braille Books is a public library, which lends books in an adapted form to those who are blind or visually impaired and to other persons who are print-impaired.

Its goal lies in delivering books in an adapted form to all persons who are not able to read conventionally printed books. Blind persons, visually impaired elderly persons, persons who are bedridden or have a disorder of muscles or joints, dyslectic children and all those who are unable to read or have difficulties reading a printed book, can contact Luisterpunt.

Our books are available in two special formats: audio books and braille books.

For the moment the collection includes over 22 000 Daisy books (these are audio books) and 12 000 braille books. The complete collection of books can be consulted in our on line catalogue: http://daisybraille.bibliotheek.be.

To reach the special target group of print-impaired persons the Library for Audio Books and Braille Books works as a mailing library. This means that we send the books in an adapted package to our readers home. Afterwards the reader sends the books back in the same package.

Becoming a member of the library and lending books is free of charge, as are the postal services.

Schools, homes for elderly people, public libraries and other institutions can also get a Daisy collection of about 100 audio books or more for free. For the moment 80% of all the Flemish public libraries in Flanders and Brussels has a Daisy collection and a Daisy player.


The Flemish Library for Audio Books and Braille Books is a specialized public library, which receives grants from the Flemish Government within the decree on local cultural policy (the main targets in this decree are local cultural policy, public libraries and cultural centres). In this decree two specialized public libraries get grants: the public library of the Red Cross and the Flemish Library for Audio Books and Braille Books.


Luisterpunt has two workstations: one in Brussels (Gustave Schildknechtstraat 28, B-1020 Brussel - Laken) and one in Varsenare (Oudenburgweg 40, B-8490 Jabbeke - Varsenare). As mentioned Luisterpunt works as a mailing library. Daily postal bags with Daisy books and braille books are sent to our readers in Flanders and Brussels.

Communication and promotion

To promote our library and our unique service to the target groups, we participate at all kind of fairs and initiatives that are held by different organisations who work for those different target groups.

Moreover we organise our own campaigns. For those promotion campaigns we work with a lot of strategic partners and stakeholders.

With our (listening) reading place (built together with the Flemish Reading Association) we create a reading space in our long distance library. This reading place is an instrument to bring children and adults in contact with our library and audio books. The possibilities of these reading place is countless: listening sessions, lectures of authors, demonstration of Daisy ... for schools, organisations for elderly persons, organisations of blind and visually impaired people.


Beluister of herbeluister interviews met auteurs! Op onze Podcast-pagina (bij Podomatic.com) posten we gesprekken uit Knetterende Letteren.


De succesvolle debuutroman "Het smelt" van Lize Spit is beschikbaar in Daisy! (23892, 15:48)

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